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Days Of Blood Days Of Blood

Rated 4 / 5 stars

So simple, yet so awesome...

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Electron Electron

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Everything I already told you. Just to recap

• Synth at mid track (2.20 about) sounds a bit dirty
• I like the pads and overall the sounds
• Nice buildup at the start, though I would have preferred a more powerful bass
• Overall nice track

ForeverBound responds:

Thanks man I appreciate your review

The Tomb Shaker The Tomb Shaker

Rated 5 / 5 stars


1:45 my knees exploded
Liked the atmosphere, more action than the other too ambient
GG 5

Step responds:

Aw yeahhhh. Thanks for the review! And sorry about your knees. c:

~SW~ Astral Nation ~SW~ Astral Nation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Part One - The Tribes
Well holy fuck. The drums and the percussion really makes this song great. Those were the first instruments ever used, you did some great work here. The little "flute" also works too, the volume is at the "most right point" lol.

Part Two - Building Begins
More instruments coming. More than a part, I'd count this as a big buildup for the next part, the most awesome one, coming in at 1.30 circa and on

Part Three - Kings and Queens
Medieval feeling, this is the greatest part. After the guitar instrument (liute?), the choirs are very gorgeous. The "piano" also fits in this entire part at the end, and it adds that little touch that makes the song "sweet".

Part Four - Dawn of Technology
Can't really say anything here. Not my sounds.

Part Five - Inventing New Realities
Same as above.

Part Six - Ages Past
A return to the past, and very well done. I didn't read the first time, but I was excepting that the introduction drums were going to come up again. Felt very satisfied :=)

Part Seven - Preparing for LHC
Intense and build up! Very well done, too bad that ->

Part Eight - Into the Deep Void
The ending lasts too long, and it obscured the big badass buildup you made in the part before. Don't know if you get what i mean.

Great song, would pirate it lol
Like that it is more as an adventure rather than a song, gratz.